Labaran Kannywood

First Actress who has the most beautiful dress in kannywood

Momy gombe is one of the beautiful beautiful actress in kannywood,
Whoever knows Momy gombe knows her as one of the dancer and actress in kannywood


In industry Momy gombe has power because of her beauty and ability to act properly
Momy gombe is one of the divorce actress in kannywood not like Maryam Yahaya she is still single

She became famous since they realise song with Hamisa break (Jaruma). The song has drew her different prizes /rewards which elevate her name to become more popular,

we wish she will Do a right thing in her business continuously.
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Kannywood journal has realised the names of most richest actors in the industry,
To day 10 of July a conference were conducted which gather the most richest actors in kannywood,.

But one of the most wonderful thing that surprised the people is that the name of the most richest actors is beyond people expectation.

Kannywood journal is often use to listed out the name of the actors that are fit in dress and makeup in every middle of the year.

Also in the middle of this year kannywood journal realise the names ot the most richest actors in kannywood industry as you can see the list below.

(1) Aisha aliyu Tsamiya
(2) Hadiza Ali Gabon
(3) Hafsar Idris
(4) Nafisa Abdullahi
(5) Fati Washa MAZA

(1) Dauda kahutu Rarara
(2) Naziru Sarkin Waka (3) Ali Nuhu Muhammad
(4) Ali Jita
(5) Sani Musa Danja



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