Labaran Kannywood

Outstanding women who have ever been married and have a name in kannywood.

There are some great kannywood actresses and after the death of their marriage their stars began to shine.


Many people think that once you get married or give birth, your star will not shine in the kannywood industry.

This is not the case because Hausa Daily News has conducted an investigation into four women who were shining stars after their marriage.

Aisha Najamm.


Aisha Najamu, popularly known as Nafisa izzar so, Research shows Hausa Daily News that the actress once married and had two children before she entered kannywood.

Actress has made a name for herself in a series film known as ‘Izzar so’, The actress do best where this film raised her profile in the kannywood industry.

Umma Shehu.

Umma Shehu is a star in kannywood and her star is still shining, The actress was married before and she had two children after leaving her husband’s house and the actress fell into film industry.

The actress appeared in some film and made a name in them like “Mijin badariya, Bakon yanayi, Amaryar kauye, and a series film ” gidan badamasi and so on.

Maimuna Garba (Momee Gombe)

After her separation from singer Adamu Fasaha, Maimuna Garba, popularly known as Momee Gombe has been involved in the music industry at Kannywood which she starred in the song ‘Jaruma’ by singer Hamisu Breaker.

After her fall in the music industry, the actress clicked into the movies where she appeared in the zainabu abu, gidan Danja and so on.

Hafsat Idris (Barauniya)

Hafsat is a rising star and one who is known for her talent, the actress entered the film industry after her divorce from Alh Kabiru who gave birth to five children.
Hafsat made a name for herself in the film ‘Barauniya’ which became her nickname (titled).

Hafsat has already become one of the biggest actresses and filmmakers in Kannywood.


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