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Politician Takes Care of the health of Sani SK…

A well-known Hausa drama Actor. Sani SK, who has been ill, has been approach by a politician who is determined to help him by taking care of his health.


Malam Inuwa waya ( share the undisputed ) is responsible for taking care of the long-standing illness of Sani SK.

It has been revealed that since SK’s illness, Malam Inuwa Waya, Kano, traveled to Sani SK Dan dago to check on him. Where he gave him kindness and immidiatlly promised to take care his healthy wirh out wasting time.

For the glad of that cause the locals settlers, ward head and leaders of Hausa films and friends extended their gratitude and gladly with prayer and best wishes.


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Of course know Sk has been sick for a long time, But he has no one to help him in Kannywood actresses.

We say that God give him health and that is an atonement. Amen.


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