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Maryam’s parents have denied rumors circulating about her illness

The parents of kannywood actress Maryam have denied rumors that her critical condition it was a charm.


However, the film magazine met with the actress’s parents and confirmed the spread of rumors.

Ever since the actress’s illness, everyone has been talking about on social media where rumors have been circulating that she is dead.

But actress Maryam said that was not the case.


a member of the film magazine visited the actress’s house where her mother approached him to the actress’s room, As soon as she found the actress’s friends and relatives put her in the middle chatting what made him sure that the actress was getting better unlike the way it was spread.

The film magazine spoke to the actress about the rumors of the illness being spread, where she said, “As God tempts a human being with a disease, He also tempts me but no matter what happens it will past.”

The film magazine further questioned the actress on the rumors that were spreading that your colleagues did a charm to you, the actress said no no it was not true it was illiness from God.

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In fact, I live in harmony with my colleagues most of them have came to check on me.

The magazine asked the hero that did she get support from her colleagues, The actress said, “alhamdulillah, there is nothing to say but thank you.”

The actress sent a message to the lovers, “I am getting better and I am not dead as some people are spreading,
but now I’m not feeling well as You know the patients what is feeling but everything are getting back to normal.



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