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The best four way to get subscribers and viewers on YouTube.

YouTube has the following ways to get subscribers through the right way without having any problems, many creators of YouTube channel suffer for the lack of subscribers, that is why we will bring you ways to get views and subscribers.


The only way you can get subscribers and viewers on YouTube is four, viz.

(1) Titties
(2) Thumbnail
(3) Tags
(4) Hash Tags

we should explain it to you one by one and how it is used without any problems.


(1) Tittle.

Tittie are used to describe what video contains, but the name are like to be one that will attract attention so that the video can be opened at least.

(2) Thumbnail.

The thumbnail is a picture which is used in front of the video which will attract one person to open video and see it.

(3) Tags.

tags are used to bring viewers is used to write the tittle name of a video channel which is popular and you do the same thing with them.

(4)Hash tags.

Hash tags are a feature written by the names of major channel in the rldescription or other major Tittle and big tittle which known has the same video with them.

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