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How to create YouTube channel step by step 2021

YouTube Channel is a platform that is owned by a Google company which if you have a Gmail Account you can easily open your YouTube channel with it. Which if have opened YouTube channel they will allowed you to upload a video or audio.


How to create YouTube channel step by step 2021.

(1) First of all you go to the play store of your phone where you can download YouTube application, after you download it you will open it and you will see a sign aa you see we have shown in the picture below and click it.

(2) after you entered it will open a place where you can see your username and Gmail below you will see your channel then you will click on it as you see we have shown in the picture below.


(3) In the third step you can see it brings you the name of your gmail from below you can see it written ‘create channel’.you can add the name you want to use to open the channel.

(4) In step four you will see a place that is labeled ‘EDIT CHANNEL’ then click for your channel Logo.

5) These three things are very significant profile picture, cover photo and description, if you observed in the picture there is three arrows, the first one is for profile picture and the second one is for cover photo, the third then you like to write your channel information in order to let people know the purpose of your channel.

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