Things That Make WhatsApp Stop Man From Using Their WhatsApp App

This time we will explain things that make WhatsApp stop a person from using their WhatsApp app.


WhatsApp is an application made without a rival, but many of people do not know that. It is WhatsApp application if you use it it wants you to use it alone there is no such thing, Because it is the only Whatsapp company that has done.

Because if you are going to use a WhatsApp that is not genuine the whatsapp official will banned your number which are using with whatsapp.

Defamatory WhatsApp

Many people want to use GBWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp is not a genuine WhatsApp app,
If you have install GBWhatsApp in your phone and use it at long run the official WhatsApp if they realize you are using GBWhatsApp then they can stop you at any time.

Share Adult Images


Frequent posting of porn pictures can cause WhatsApp to stop you using WhatsApp even if you receive the porn pictures can cause to banned you from using it.

Watching Adult Video

Watching a porn video even if you receive it also can cause whatsapp to stop you from using it.


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