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Methods that are follow to verify YouTube channel

In our to day lesson we will show you how toi verify YouTube channel.


if you could remember in our previous lesson we showed you how to create YouTube channel and how to get subscribers.

Today we are going to show you how to verify YouTube channel and the benefits of verifying it.

It’s an easy way to verify your YouTube channel . which allows you to upload a video of the 15 minute length and the right to put the thumbnail.


If you are verify you want to have your internet connection and number because some countries do not agree with text messages.

how to verify step by step.

(1) You will write in chrome browser or a browser and enter the ‘Youtube studio’.

(2) You go to the bottom of your page there is a sign of settings and click it as we shown.

(3) After you enter setting then you click where Channel and eligibility is written, below there is intermediate features, where verify is written and click it.

(4) To verify you need to dial your number and there are two options, If you need a text or call you can choose to get code.

(5) After you put your number click on the ‘Get code’ button to get the code to my text.

if you have question you can ask in the comment section.


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