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Sani Musa Danja is trying to bring his ex-wife back Mansura Isa.

A new matter is trying to happen, Sani Musa Danja is trying to bring his ex-wife back Mansura Isa.


As you know, it is rumored of the divorce marriage of the heroine and her husband Sani Musa danja.

The issue of divorce has sparked controversy on social media with some people saying they have given shame to lovers because they never thought they could separate.

Others have remored that the actor add another marriage without her knowledge and that is why they are separated.


But the actress say a little about the cause of their separation with actor, and her husband as she posted in her social media page.

The actress said Sani Musa Danja does not take his family seriously because he does not take good care of them.

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She added that she was taking care of her children from education, clothing and other amenities.

However, the actress condemned her accusers for leaving her husband’s house only for useless travel and visit of villages in the name of support.

The actress angrily said that whoever sent her a message of abuse again would not forgive her/him for the sake of God.

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