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Suleman panshekara responds to Sheikh Abdullah Gadon Kaya for the wedding ceremony of Nigerian president’s Son Muhammadu Buhari

Suleman isa panshekara sent a big responses to sheikh Abdullah gadon kaya about the wedding ceremony of Nigerian president’s Son Muhammadu Buhari.


If you could remember suleman isa panshekara, there was a British woman who came from United State of America for the demand of his marriage.

The issue of marriage comes with a variety of challenges where some feel that he cannot marry her, while others think it is nothing to marry a British.

Except a Islamic teacher also preacher in kano State has criticized Suleiman Isa Isa for the marriage of British women and her appearance. (mode of dress).


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Until day before yesterday Suleiman isa spoke about the wedding ceremony of Nigerian President’s Muhammad Buhari and that of doughter of bichi emire Nasiru Ado Bayero.

Suleiman isa isa posted in written in his Facebook page, where he said “This is Nigeria, in Nigeria sharia law is working only on a poor masses except richest people and their children. I am waiting for Sheikh Abdallah Gadonkaya to challenge and respond to the wedding dress of Bichi Emire’s doughter like you did in my wedding.

Speaking has caused a stir on social media, some feel that Sheikh Abdullah has been rude.



  1. I also support the Suleiman Isah statement bcos this was happened with Kano state Governor t dauther some years back
    AYa Allah Kaine fatan talakka Allah ka Kare mutuncin Talakawa da kariyarsa Ami

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