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Kannywood actress Ummi Rahab has been in a state of difficult situation after something happened.

The actress Ummi Raha was in difficult situations since some cheated with her Twitter account.


The heroine Ummi Rahab doughter of Adam A Zango, she talked a lot about what happened to her on social media.

The actress posted a video in her Instagram account where she said many people were calling her bear phone and ask about a chat on Twitter and Facebook, where the actress said she does not know about the matter and she does not have any business with those accounts and chats.

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The actress added that: For the sake of God who ever opened Twitter account and Facebook page with her name to delete and stop defames her name publically.

She said in a statement that anyone who defames her is refrain from it because he also has a younger brother and will give birth if they abused you will not feel good.

She finally called on her fans to take care of scammers in her name on social media especially Twitter and Facebook.

Recently, an account with the name of the actress Hadiza Gabon is being used for huge sums of money in the name of support.

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