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kannywood actress Rahama sadau talks about wedding dress of Bichi Emire’s doughter

Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau has spoken out against the wedding dress of Bichi Emire’s doughter.


In this week wedding ceremony take place between Nigerian president’s Son and that of Bichi Emire’s doughter in abuja.

Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau has spoken out against the wedding dress of the bride like so many people commentated about the wedding dress of the bride.

Rahama sadau says if she was now made this dress or a kannywood actress she was already being abused and cursed, but she was the daughter of kings and the clergy were silent.


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However, the actress Rahama Sadau is not the only one who has spoken out about marriage because Suleman Isa Isa the British husband also spoked out about the marriage.

As he says ( Sulaiman Isa Isa) about the wedding “This is Nigeria, in Nigeria sharia law is working only on a poor masses except richest people and their children. I am waiting for Sheikh Abdallah Gadon kaya to challenge and respond to the wedding dress of Bichi Emire’s doughter like you did in my wedding.

Peaking has caused a stir on social media,

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    1. I also support Suleiman Isa and RAHAMA sadau,that those clergies have to say similar words to bichi emires daughter as the said to them before…

    2. You are wright they will not say anything if were poor they will speak and making example,but now everyone is silent hmmmmmm

  1. My Arewa people and double standard… A picture of Yusuf Buhari’s Bride (Zahra Bayero) surfing the internet with a dress showing some parts of her body and none of them is saying anything, if it is Rahama Sadau the whole north and Islamic clerics will answer… Time like this makes me remember George Orwell’s animals farm” All Animals are equal, but some animal are more equal than others “. #babsjrcares

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