Labaran Kannywood

Some information shown that there is misunderstanding between Adam A Zango and Ummi Rahab.

Informations that appears shown that the relationship between father and daughter which means, Adam A Zango who knows everyone will be surprised to hear that the White Moon even before going anywhere there was this rift between Adam A Zangon and Ummi who treated him like his daughter and Some even deny that she has been a close relative since her release as his daughter in the film Ummi at an early age.


After Ummi got up and Adam A Zango brought her back to the industry where he made a her film for her, (Farin wata sha kallo) that was a way to increase her prestige in the industry. But before the second round, She was scheduled to disperse between them.

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Ummi has already stopped following him on his Instagram he also stopped following her also there is no picture of her on his Instagram page also she has no any of his picture on her Instagram page. Adam A Zango then published her own photo and show to the world that he changed her and brought another to replace her in the program. where he replaced her with an actress with the same character.


We have been able to investigate to find out the cause of this dispute between Ummin and her boss in kannywood, but we did not hear from the victims, but from a source confirmed us because of her love with others Adam A Zango was not agree with that relationship with them, that is what instigate the problem.

As the source tells us Ummi has been popular with young men since her name stamped in the ears of the public, who then attacks her, Adam A Zango and tries to prevent contact with anyone who is not satisfied with his condition which cause Ummi to look like he is interrupted her unnecessary, As a result, some unfortunate things happened until they was divided.

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