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Jamila Usman Lasco: The difference I got in Kannywood after my divorce

JAMILA Usman (Lasco) is a former actress who has lived in the industry since the time of Safiya Musa.But at that time she did not get the right opportunity in the industry until she got married.


Right now Jamila Lasco, who lives in Kaduna, is now back in the industry after her divorce.
And her dream started to come true, because now she is one of the actress whose star began to shine.

In an exclusive interview with Hausa Daily News in Kaduna, the actress explains the film magazine about her life in Kannywood and now.

The actress began by saying: My name is Jamila Usman, also known as Lasco. I was born in Kaduna, attended my school from primary to secondary school in Kaduna.After I finished high school, I got married, and later God made the marriage last and we separated.


We are originally Fulani of Cameroon, but here in Nigeria we are all with our parents.
I speak a Fulani partially ; there are those who, when was spoke, I will returning, and another I will have to return to Hausa.

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I have been in the film for a long time, because even before I got married I had an affair, and later I got married. And at the time he who was going to marry me did not want me to do the business, and the film I appeared in did not go out in the market.

I can be in film for 17 years since they were heroine Safiya Musa.

When I got into film we interacted with them, because I was not difficult to get in or difficult to follow other ways to get into a film, Because most of them know me and they know me who I am. Some also know that my parents, my younger brother so I have no difficulty getting involved.

I have appeared in films that will reach five or even more. Some have not yet come out, they are on their way. You know what the industry is like, some movies you will only make one appearance, or two appearances, there are many of them. Others I don’t even know their name.

There has been a difference in the film industry before, because the way the industry was run in the past and now it is not the same. In the past, before you were cast in the film, your talent and the way you run your actions were checked. Not like now you will not cast in the film until you know some who has a relation with him, or you have a good term with him. and how many films will he make. Only if God makes you successful you will see that you have been rewarded even if you are not respected.

My advice to kannywood industry is to unite our self as one. Anything that would be violent we should avoid. And we must continue to encourage each other to see that we succeed.

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