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kannywood actor lilin baba tests Alfazazzee Muhammad with new car

Last night August 10, 2021 kannywood actor Lilin Baba presented Alfazazzee Muhammad with a surprise car gift.


Alfaazee Muhammad wrote a message of thanks and posted a video of the car gift that was tested by renowned actor Lilin Baba on his Instagram page.

In a video posted by the director, he was heard praying for God’s blessings, and God take care of his car.

Relatives, friends and colleagues are overjoyed at the director’s award.


Last night, a picture of lillin baba and director Alfazazzee flooded social media, thanking his lilin Baba and congratulating the director.

When our correspondent asked the director about the car, he said: In fact, I have nothing to say but thank God. Then I thanked Lilin Baba. Because I never thought, and I didn’t expect it, he just handed me a lock and told me to see the car. it’s like a dream.

He added that I pray to God to reward him with goodness and protect him from all evil.

Lillin baba is a musician now and he got involved in the film industry immediately where he was making a film, the series one which was titled as Wuff in his YouTube channel.

the actor has been helping his clients with all kinds of help.

The director, Alfazazzee, is now out of the motorcycle and has returned to the car. We wish him all the best and may God bless him.

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