How to protect yourself from your Bank Account hackers.

We will give you special ways to stay with your bank account without anyone or others interfering with you and taking money from you.


Of course, account theft is common because if you do not target you it targets someone else close to you or your sister, so be cause of that we want we want to educate you about the hackers that interfering in the Bank account.

Anyone who his money is taken from a bank account should start giving the door and the intruders can access his account.

Ways to protect yourself from the evils of intruders into bank accounts.


(1) First of all, every one who has account at the Bank must keep its phone line which receives alert .

(2) Bank never called a costumer with the intention of giving them information about the account or something related to your Bank.

(3) Account thieves call the phone to receive an ATM card number and send you the OTP. Anyone who violates this is here will steal your money.

These are the easiest ways they will follow to steal money from people with bank account.

We hope that this advice we give you will hold a double hand to protect yourself from hackers in the Bank account.

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