Labaran Kannywood

The first actress that come from across Nigeria and bring development to the country.

An Islamic scholar says that Hadiza Gabon is the first woman from abroad to make progress in Nigeria.


The teacher mentioned that when they made the remarks at a grand ceremony organized by the school, for the actress to be respected for her contribution to the school.

In a statement, the the teacher said it was not a reason for them to honor the hero except for the good deeds of Islamic schools, Islam and orphans.

The teacher called on the public to refrain from viewing filmmakers as shameful or ignorant.


He added that there is something that the public do to the kannywood women.

even though what the expected is not happening to all kannywood actresses and do not want to go back and hope for guidance.

Hadiza stood up and spoke where she expressed her happiness and gratitude for the school’s commitment.

Finally, the actress said she would continue to support the school and sponsor the education of twenty (20) Islamic children.

This incident by the kannywood actress Hadiza Gabon shaked people sorrowly.

Where the parents of the children kept blessing her and wished her well.

Kannywood industry have a telented and beautiful actress whose deserves the tittle of beautiness. Behind the beauty they are hard workers.

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  1. Yes if cours course Adiza she us also my mentor as like am one of a actress fans here in Ghana am a Ghanaian and always like to been watching her moving

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