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Conflict between Ummi Rahab and Adam A Zango escalates.

The story of the rift between Ummi Rahab and Adam A Zango has escalated since the actress posted a post on her Instagram page, The actress told her ex-boss to stop defaming her.


Adam A Zango still has nothing to do with what the actress has published, except for a short video circulating on social media that has been interviewed directly.The actor said he fired Ummi Rahab because she didn’t follow his orders on the same path.

The actor Adam A Zango is like father to the actress where some expects her as his doughter.

This problem between the two heroes was that its what make people understood that Ummi Rahab was not his doughter.


Our correspondent asked the actor’s close friend where Adam Zango took the actress and started shooting her in a film.

He said: “He does not know who brought her to the hero, he does not know who the cause, and he does not know when they met.

Adam A Zango had bring upbringing to the actress just like his daughter, that is why some expects she was his daughter. Because she lived in his hause for a long time

Daga baya kuma ta koma gidan tai kusan shekara goma bata film.

So she like film star, letter in their house decided what she wanted. Since she had lived in actor home before so she can return film business.

So as she returns to a film business, he had support her and become her guidient. But the he didn’t like to be in film industry, even though he knows she like it very much, so he don’t know how to tell her that,

Some of them are living in love with each other, and some see the love of a father and a daughter, so you see all this is uncertain, since he did not come out and say that it is a love affair between a girl and a young man.
But he showed the world that she was his daughter, since she also called him ‘Daddy’. If there was any love, he would not have shown it to the world.

“Later, in the live video he did, he said he wanted to educate her, everything she did was wrong to stop her from shaking as he would stop his daughter. If she says no ‘ she will not hear, he can stay away from her, so that nothing comes and happens later he will be ‘blaming’, since everyone knows him and her. It’s on this stage now. ”

Of course, if the heroes do not reach their hearts, they can have a lot of disagreement and it will not be good.


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