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How to load Two-Factor Authentication to Your YouTube channel.

YouTube has released a protection feature for any YouTube channel by entering certain code that will protect your channel.

This YouTube channel is designed to protect people’s channel from being hacked or with problems such as hacking or anything.

YouTube has made this law mandatory for anyone who has a Channel. If you don’t turn on tow-factor authentication by November 1, you will not be able to access YouTube Studio or YouTube Studio Content Manager until you secure your account.

How to enable tow Step Verification

How to load Two-Factor Authentication to Your YouTube channel.

(1) First you go into YouTube Studio and then you look up and see where you find ‘Get Start’.then you will touch it.

It will open a page that contains information on tow-factor authentication then you click ‘Get Started’

(2) They will then require you to enter your Account password, and then send you a code so that you can enter your phone number.

Then whenever you go to your Gmail, you will have to send a code to enter the account.

This thing and the protection method is very useful not to play with it will really help your account.

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