Time Table for the 2023 Population and Housing Census Training and Field Work

The training for emumerators and supervisors, which was earlier scheduled to hold on 31st March, will now hold from 25th – 30th April 2023.


The announcement was made during a workshop on census processes and operations held by the NPC in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The workshop was attended by the Chairman and Federal Commissioners of the NPC, who discussed critical steps towards the success of the census.

Refresher Training for DQM and Specialized Workforce at State Level is slated from Monday 3rd- 6th April, 2023.

While Census Night is slated for 2nd May 2023.


Field work will start from 3rd- 6th May, 2023.

During the meeting, a member of the NPC Census Publicity Committee provided an update on the status of census operations, emphasizing the need for effective oversight and coordination of the entire process at all levels.

The committee also concluded on the census date, fixing it on the first week of May. The member stressed the importance of picking a proper date for the census, taking into consideration the religious activities that usually take place in April.

As the NPC continues to make preparations towards the 2023 Population and Housing Census, it is hoped that the exercise will be a success and provide accurate data for national planning and development.


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